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What To Expect

When you arrive you will enter my home. The treatment room is situated via my home in the garden.

After a consultation, you will be asked to lay down on the treatment table and relax. Having a small glass of water before your treatment is helpful. I shall then go through a series of muscle tests. I will teach you how to respond so that we get the best feedback from your system. This is a very "hands on" treatment, so if you have any concerns about this for yourself or your child/teenager, please raise this with me beforehand.

After assessing your health I then work to clear many conditions with different energetical tools and techniques including lymphatic clearing and meridian strengthening. I may also test nutritional supplements, Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies alongside this. Results can be instant or take a few treatments. Remember, your body spent years becoming sick or injured, so it may take time to heal.

(Nutritional supplements are not included in the price of the treatment. Clients are advised which ones to source and where to get them from). 

Systematic Kinesiology may help treat the following:

Chroinc Fatigue

Frequect cold and infections

Auto-immune conditions

Digestive issues

Hormonal issues


Skin problems


Joint pain


Neck and Back pain

Food sensitivities

Anxiety and depression


Learning difficulties

Emotional/behavioural problems

Fears and phobias

and much much more.......  

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