What is Systematic Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology is a complete form of natural health care using muscle testing techniques to read the energetic bio feedback from the body to find out where health issues stem from. In a treatment those imbalances are corrected through lymphatic massage, supplemental and basic nutritional advice, electrical balancing and emotional work.

I am currently a fully qualified and insured practitioner having completed comprehensive training and examinations with 

The Academy of Systematic Kinesioloy, 

or  'TASK'  https://kinesiology.co.uk


First consultation is approx 2 hours and £80.

Follow up treatments are scheduled for

an hour and a half and £65 per visit.

Under 15 years old - £45 which includes

first and follow up treatments.

(Must be chaperoned by an adult).

(Prices do not include supplements).


Contact me for more information.