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Hello, thank you for visiting and your interest in Ocean Wellness Pilates and Systematic Kinesiolgy.

I started my career in the fitness industry in 1995 as an instructor at the YMCA and later David Lloyd and Holmes Place Health Clubs.  

In 1999, after several years of fatigue and illness I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). I was unable to work and spent the next year at home largely confined to bed rest. I first discovered Pilates in 2001 when I was taking my first steps in rehabilitation. My mother was training to teach Pilates and she would practice teaching what she had learned on me.  In the early days I could only manage 10 minutes before the joint pain became too much. But, gradually over the weeks and months I grew stronger and fitter. 

I was inspired by the results I achieved and knew that I wanted to help other people struggling with their health to reclaim control of their lives. In 2003 I qualified as a teacher with Body Control Pilates and have been teaching and developing my career in Pilates ever since.

In 2020 I qualified as a Kinesiologist after training with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (T.A.S.K). I came across this amazing system whilst studying at The College of Osteopaths in Borehamwood In 1998/99. I had embarked on a career in Osteopathy, but my autoimmune condition thwarted my plans and I looked to Pilates to develop my understanding and passion for the human body. After many years I knew I would return to Kinesiolgy and complete my career goals and aspirations.

I am now recognised as a fully qualified Systematic Kinesiologist, Body Control Pilates matwork and Balanced Body Reformer teacher with membership and insurances with the Fitness Professionals and Balens, having fully met the requirements of the UK national standard for both Pilates and Kinesiology, I am also qualified as a Diet and Nutritional Advisor.

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