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Cracked Concrete Wall

By Brian H. Butler B.A., F.A.S.K

In 1895, Dr. D. Palmer founded the profession of what is now called ‘Chiropractic’ which is a system that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system that cause health problems.

When stressed, areas of the spine can get out of proper alignment which chiropractors call ‘subluxations’. These conditions are resolved using manipulation of the spine which rectify the ‘subluxations’ and improve overall health.

‘Kinesiology’ is a branch of human biology. It is the scientific study of the skeletal structure of the human body in relation to muscular movement.

In 1964, Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., a renowned American chiropractor, while using ‘kinesiological’ principles to test the range of movement of a major muscle, discovered a revolutionary new principle which he called ‘Applied Kinesiology’. His research led to the discovery of many techniques that strengthened muscles and achieved a better balance of forces that align the body which resolved many common ailments. He developed this principle, and with others formed the ‘International College of Applied Kinesiology’, I.C.A.K..

One of Dr. Goodheart’s team, a Dr. David Walther D.C., wrote some definitive textbooks on Applied Kinesiology muscle testing and balancing which he called “The Advanced Approach to Chiropractic”.

In 1976, Brian H. Butler trained in a basic form of Applied Kinesiology. Astounded at the beneficial results of muscle testing and balancing, for the next few years he continued his studies in Advanced ‘Applied Kinesiology’. In 1985 he formed a professional organisation of ‘The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology’, T.A.S.K.

Out of respect for Dr. George Goodheart’s proprietary use of the term ‘Applied Kinesiology’, he adopted the descriptive term ‘Systematic Kinesiology©’ which embodies the unique principle he developed of ‘M.C.P.E. Kinesiology©’. Unique in that the M.C.P.E. principle addresses and balances the four aspects of the whole person, Mental, Chemical, Physical and Energetic simultaneously. No other form of health modality practices this approach.

The pedigree of professional “Systematic Kinesiology©” was born out of the chiropractic development of ‘Applied Kinesiology’, and ‘The Advanced Approach to Chiropractic’, and has a wider effective application than either.

Brian H. Butler ©1985

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